Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hello kitty hat craft

hello kitty hat this was a las minute project but love how it came out 

 what u need is a hat i bought mine at walmart for 13 dollars
 a bow u can make one out of ribbon or i bought mine at walmart 2 for 1 dollar located in kids section they are for hair
 i had this necklace i used for her nose but u could use a bead
 then i bought these bracelets at walmart for the eyes any beads would work or u could just use foam board or felt the bracelets i bought where on clearance for 3 dollars came in a 2 pack
 for the whiskers i just used pipe cleaner ! u should only need one
 u can hot glue or sew place like i did mine and there u go a cute easy hello kitty hat !
thanks for watching 
want to watch how i did it here is my youtube video 

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