Thursday, November 3, 2011

melting snowman easy ! and under 1 dollar !

this is too easy but way too cute !!!!
a melted snowman .. you can make any size they look cute big to small ... i would recomend black beads !! i didnt have any so i just used what i had for this blog / video ! this is how u do it

you will 1st need wax paper ( this is what u will drop the glue on )
tweezers to set beads in place or a tooth pick and beads of your choice again i would use black but here i used pink
and alot of glue sticks ! i got these ones at the dollar tree but i made these last year for on my tree and i used the glitter glue sticks from Walmart and they looked so cute as well ! these look great with lights and really looks like ice !
all we do is drop hot glue onto our wax paper .. if u dont like the shape keep going ! if it looks bumpy dont worry about it when it dries it settles and will look flat like picture below ! when u get the shape u like add ur nose mouth and eyes and let dry ! thats it !! when dry peel off u can hot glue some pins on back or a hook for hanging
this is what mine looked like wish i used black beads but still a cute cheap project under 1 dollar !
happy crafting !