Friday, January 13, 2012

diy bling it up jeans

i have a good bit of diys on youtube on how to distress jeans my user name with youtube is xoxoamandakisses and links will be below ! 

what u will need is a distressed or destroyed jeans or any jeans with holes (:

next u need fabric glue u can also sew this but i have done hundreds of pairs of jeans like this trust me the fabric glue is just as good even through washes this is the one i would recommend you can get this for 6 or 7 dollars any craft store 

 next any kind of fabric for under the holes i like tackey so i picked these tank tops i never wear but who doesn't like shinny ? if u don't use whatever fabric u like ! i also done these with metal ect ! really whatever !
 then scissors (;
 cut fabric to fit under the whole make about half inch longer on each side to alow room to glue
u can never add too much glue lol not possible (;
i mainly glue around edges u can add some in middle but i would focus on outside the edges of fabric to allow ur knee to be able to bend ect avoid glueing the middle near knee or where u will be bending
 once glue is on put into place glue doesn't dry fast so u have time to work with it !
i always glue top wait till it dries try them on make sure its how u want then stretch and glue the rest !
 will look like this (; <3
i place heavy books ect on top and let dry from 2-4 hours
overnight if u can b4 u wear them for best results
 here is what they look like on i will do a fashion blog outfit of the day tomorrow with a outfit so check that blog for how i will style this ! be creative and be blessed i added my youtube video if u like to watch rather than read also check out my other blogs i do diy/crafts or scrapbooking to makeup and cooking to coupon deals and shopping hauls thanks for the support <3 xoxoamandakisses *** will be doing a bling jean and shoes this week check back ! follow my links so u know where i am xoxo


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