Thursday, June 2, 2011

my tips to be a extreme coupler


a binder that zips ! if you are going to invest time in doing this u need one that zips u don't want to loose coupons ! you can get these anywhere ( when back to school sales come around is when u get deals on them ! ) but they run about 15 to 20 dollars for a nice one !

you need bace ball card sleeve holders ( right now my dollar tree is caring them they are by the trading cards ! ) you get 10 pages of the 9 pocket sleeves ! ! great deal 10 for a dollar ( if you cant find at dollar tree try big lots then walmart )

you can get different sizes of the sleeves as some coupons wont all fit in the 9 pocket ones

get a pencil bag that will be added to your rings ( a lot of binders come with these mine did !

you need a pair of scissors

pen and marker

calculator if u wont want to use the one on your phone

notepad ( for your notes and list)

paper clips and envelops ( to put coupons in as you are shopping )


you can save without obsessing !!! just because u can get something real cheep or sometimes free keep in mind of your family !
how much u use of items and a lot of us don't have the room to store a ton of things like extreme coupon ( the show )

to organize ur binder

you have to organize it to ur needs if you only shop at one store organize it to how u would walk through ur store shopping i found this the easiest !

divide ur coupons into soap ( laundry, soap, dish soap ect )

cleaning ( sponges cleaners sprays ect )




boxed food



lotion ( sunscreen lotion )

papers ( paper towels paper plates toilet paper q tips ect )

in store coupons example cvs bucks rite aid up bucks

fast food restraint coupons

there are some of my catorigies not in order but gives u a idea of what u want to divid them like do it to ur likes and needs

MAKE SURE to clean out coupons weekly if you have doubles of a coupon make sure u r stacking them so when u grab one u are grabbing the one that expires first so u get most use out of coupons

shop around find the best sale !

i get asked a lot how do i fin coupons ?

sunday paper ~ and ask around some throw coupons away so see friends family some go to recycling center if wanting to build up coupons buy doubles of the paper and you can also print out online search around a good online site is you can print out a limit of same coupon per computer so if u have more than one computer u can get doubles or triple of same coupon !

go to website of your favorite brand and sign up for emails they also send coupons

walmart has a you magazine that has coupons in it that are great

check magazines

your receipt called Catalans

some other good printable coupons are

my savings
betty crocker
cool savings

also check your store for blinks ( machines in grocery stores that give out coupons they are in the isles right next to the item )

check the items u buy use and throw away !! a lot of times like dog food boxed food ect there are coupons that u wouldn't notice or look for and end up throwing away !

also check websites of the stores you shop at online a lot of the times they have coupons online u can also print out

coupons u can stack coupons heres the trick
u need a manufacture coupon and a store coupon ! then u can use 2 coupons for one item !

if a store has a sale or clearance item u can use coupons on that as well

shop around go to clearance items see if u have coupons for those items

a lot of stores change coupon policys so check online print it out put it in ur binder ! that way if a cashier doesn't know u have it to point it out !

make sure ur coupon has a bar code date and item description what they look for !

few tips to get u started i will do another post and a detailed video later !

have fun saving ! does take some time but worth it and i think its fun

for weekly coupon hauls and videos check out my other blog
i also do weekly coupon videos along with diy how to makeup and cooking on youtube