Wednesday, December 7, 2011

diy flower ball made for less than 5 dollars !

as always i do crafts on a budget ...
all my suplies i got at dollar tree ! and u only need few items for this here is what i used and how i did it 

 i got the biggest styro foam ball they had this is a 4 inch ball u could use other sizes but the amount of flowers will change
 your hot glue gun
 i got roses any flowers will work i got 3 bouquets at dollar tree so i have 4 dollars in this project ...
lets get started

cut ur flowers off leave about a 1 inch stem so you can stick in the foam ball
 i put hot glue on the stem
 and place in foam ball place close together and u can always fluff out the flowers after you are done
looks better full !!!
 so easy ! just place close together until u cover all the foam ball

you can add a string for hanging
or a stick to make look like a tree and add in a flower pot and add some lights on it !
or u can just set this in a tall vase !!
many ways u can display this and i will be posting more of similar crafts
finish product will look like this (:
have fun be creative and be blessed if u are interested in the how to video here is my video i posted on youtube ...

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