Wednesday, January 4, 2012

diy picture holder , calendar , or jewelry for 8 dollars

diy in the making not done yet will do a updated picture on how mine comes out 
but here is a idea to get u started (:

first i started with a big frame ( no glass ) just frame 
good place to pick these up is michel s they do custom framing a lot of times ppl order and its not what they wanted or never pick up ! i got this for 4 dollars ! amazing deal 

also at micheal's i got these little clothes pins they would be cute painted or u could add some gems or whatever ! if u turn this into a calendar ( what i am doing ) u can glue a heart on one for valientines day or a tree for christmas ect ! then little papers with the numbers for the day ! but i got these for 1.50 a bag i picked up 2 bags 

 then u need some wire i just got this at the dollar tree whole kit for a dollar great find ! only thing i used out of here is the wire
 and lastly a hot glue gun ! this project cost 8 dollars !!
 all i did was turn the frame to the back
hot glue the wire on each side ( when one side is completely dry turn over pull as tight as u can and glue the other side
 final project looks like this i added some pics to show the idea with it but i am going to add gems all around the frame and use as a monthly calendar i will post updated pic on my facebook !
hope this gives a idea happy crafting follow my other sites !
here is the video if u need a visual