Wednesday, December 7, 2011

santa block light

my diy santa light i will be posting 2 more will be doing a raindeer and a snowman 
but here is how i did santa 

what u will need 
from walmart 
a block light less than 10 dollars 
from dollar tree 
santa hat 
light set 
piece of black foam 
and snow spray or white paint for beard 

here is my santa hat and the light set it comes with light bracket so it will stay in block light and a on and off switch on cord ! the cord is a nice size to not too short !!!! and for a dollar a great find 
 u can use snow if u want to reuse the block later or if u want it to last long use paint !
 block light from walmart
 paint on his beard not my best point ! im not good at painting play around with it
 cut out some eyes and a nose if u like i decided to do just eyes
 add on hat glue if u like and i am going to add some stuffing to make at a bit more full and so it stands up better !
 attach the light in the bottom !
 finished project i may touch up the beard
 turn on and enjoy !

be creative and be blessed thanks for reading

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