Sunday, November 6, 2011

diy chandelier supplies from dollar tree under 10 dollars !

my diy under 10 dollars ....

the list of what u need (all can be found at dollar tree )
wire hanging basket holder
spray paint ( i didnt in this post but would paint to match! )
garlin i used 9 packs
light with cord
EVERYTHING WAS 1 DOLLAR EACH!!! who said u cant be amazing on a budget this is how i did it ...

below is the garland i got i really wanted to do a silver one my dt only had one pack of the silver so i got red and gold only for this video/ blog will be doing one in silver for my house and will post a pick on fb when they get more in ! i got 9 packs and would recomend for more full affect grab 10 or 15 ! these come in 3 divided sections i used them doubled up ( how they come )
these lights are a great deal def going to stalk up on some this has a light cord and a on and off switch on the cord for 1 dollar !!!!! these can be found at dollar tree in the christmas section end caps !
all you do is take you hanging basket and use the rings that are already attached to the garland ( its set up like a key chain so super easy ) attach all around ur wire basket until u get the fullness u like ! I WOULD TELL U TO PAINT THE BASKET AND CORD TO MATCH THE GARLAND U BUY ! because this one will be coming apart i did not do that but will look more put together if u do !
now just drop the light down into middle ( there will be a hole in basket it sits perfect! ) can secure with wire ! make sure no garland will be laying on the light if u set it up like mine will be fine !

this garland is so shimmer and looks amazing when light hits it ! perfect holiday light patio light or anytime of light !!!!! 10 dollar light and fun to do !! have fun and be creative thanks for reading ! be blessed

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