Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New old addiction charm bracelets

Ok so I was one for charm bracelets back in the day! I'd get as many charms as I could on one necklace or bracelet!
Maybe that is coming back to me. Lol I have been slowly going through all my stuff and decided to down size on a lot. Necklaces and bracelet are one of these things I'm going through now.
I have a ton of jewelry from friends and family , I want to keep but don't really wear necklaces much. Decided to add all my charms to braclets! And I am still scrap booking so will save some of them for my books! Check back for more diys soon!!  I'll have a good bit I'm sure but this is the one I am working on now.
Just some memories on a chain love the idea and meaning.
Found some really cute dangles at Michael's. Decided to pick them up and add them onto my bracelet. 
If you want a closer look at them I have a youtube video at bottom of this post.
And will be working with all my jewelry so if you would like a update on what I'm all doing let me know will do a video and go through all the charms!
Working on a vintage one now with my nans charms :) will be super meaningful.
After checking out they gave me 2 40% off regular price item so you know I'll be going back ... haul soon ;)

little charms where clearance for .99cents the birdcage and the trinkets where 3.99 

here is my youtube video for a closer look ! thanks for stopping by! 


Oreo life hack

No words needed.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wax warmer life hack !

So if you are like me I love my wax warmers! How do you normally get wax out? I use to use a butter knife and pry it out. And have almost broke my warmer like this. Well found a super easy way and decided to share!
All you need is wax ready to be changed and melted and few cotton balls.
Have the wax warmer on with wax completely melted.  Take a cotton ball and put it into the hot wax. It will soak up most all of it. Do this until you absorbed it all and then throw another wax square in and your done!
Back to your house smelling amazing ! I posted a video as well on youtube to show how I do mine.
Happy life hacks ! Share any of yours in the comments !