Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I love my mummy wreath under 2 dollar halloween diy

Ok so I love halloween. .. or I guess any holiday I can decorate :) 

I will be doing a diy every day up until halloween!  

31 days of halloween

this is day 1 

Make sure to follow my youtube and other links as some of my things end up in different places! 

What I used ...

 foam wreath

some Google eyes 

and my husband's old shirt ( without him knowing lol ) 


and my trusty hot glue gun ... 

ready???.... let's make it! 

Take your shirt ( I used a gray/white mix shirt ) you can also use gauze!  
Cut strips.. messy strips they do not have to be perfect thin to thick mix it up!!

I saved some bigger steps to wrap the wreath at first then the smaller pieces to fill in 

Wrap wrap wrap then double knot over and over and over again :) 

Glue some Google eyes on 
and make a sign :) 

I ♡ my mummy!  

here is how I did it ...