Friday, October 3, 2014

Diy chocolate halloween candy bowls

Ok so I might not be the best at chocolate melted candy... I'm not patient enough. .. I could have done better ... but o well it taste the same anyway right ?
I did these late last night ... and by late I mean early... it was 3am before I got done... and I could have a fail video just on the bloopers ;) but either way these are a cute idea right !?
I ran out of  chocolate ( I used one bag for everything you see here and I should have had 2 ! ) i did start out with 2 bags .....the one bag of chocolate I left in microwave too long and it burnt :(  to see that make sure to go to bottom of this post and watch my youtube video haha
Ok ok end of me blabbing  you want to know how to do these right !??
Here we go.....

I also chocolate coated some strawberries ( my hubby's favorite ) twinkies and then I made the bowls 

List of items you will need.....

wax paper ( or plate sprayed with pam)

chocolate melts ... I would buy already colored ! This brand was tricky to food color kept getting hard !? Might just be this brand 

icing to make face or chocolate chips or dark chocolate for face 

balloons ( water balloons are right size!) 

And patience. ... ( hardest to find ) 

Melt chocolate 30 seconds at a time !! ( this is important) 
chocolate burns fast and doesn't seem like it until it's too late 

Rinse balloons!  Then blow up small 

dip and roll in melted chocolate.  

You can dip pretty much anything in chocolate and make it able to be ate ;) here I used strawberries 

Here are all my balloons dipped 
I put them in fridge and let set up for ate bout a hour before popping balloons and peeling out 

After a hour pop balloons and peal out be careful and take time you can trim edges and make even or leave messy for more spooky/ lazy affect ;) 

I didn't have much candy in the house so just filled mine with m&ms these could be fixed up really cute ! Candy Corn ... or you could chocolate dip some sugar cones and no make a witch one ... soooo many possibilities!  Stay creative


Have fun ! Kids love doing this! 
Great for parties or October birthdays!