Friday, February 27, 2015

Diy Easter bunny wreath

Ok so I love to decorate...
I was walking through the dollar tree thinking of something to make this is what I came up with 
( make sure to come back I will be doing a few easter diy wreaths! ) 

Ok so wish they had a regular wreath but they where out so I got one of these foam wreaths for flowers 
2 foam cones 
2 skirts ( kid toy dress up section )
Bunny ears 
2 mesh netting 
2 ribbon
Pipe cleaners ( last minute idea )  
And a hit glue gun... 

Ready? Let's go 

Wrap the wreath in mesh netting ( I had to use 2 rolls because of mine being green if you get a regular wreath paint it white and would only need one roll ) 

Wrap wrap wrap then hot glue ears down and finish up wrapping 

I used pipe cleaner for the nose and wishers you can add eyes if you want I decided not to on this one. 

Onto the carrots for the door knobs 
I wrapped the ribbon around the fan cone in went down and back up with one roll of ribbion! 

I then wrapped it in the mesh or ( dress up skirt I cut a piece of fabric off ) 

Was happy with the finish look! Used the green skirt for top. 

And what mine looked like done... 

Super easy, simple yet cute! 

Wish it was a bit bigger but still adorable! Hung the carrot on the door knob, one outside one inside. Like this? Make sure to follow me for me!

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