Friday, November 11, 2011

diy countdown to christmas !

diy countdown to christmas under 10 dollar project !
bellow just showed how it looks added the paper behind it just to show detail this is for hanging on the wall to count down to christmas kids love it and give them something to look forward to daily in the long wait to santa comes (: if u like to watch my video on this click here

list of what u will need ( i bought everything at dollar tree ! )
popsicle sticks
something for the numbers could be anything wooden , foam , little bulbs whatever ! be creaitive i used hearts because i already had them
paint of choice one for tree and one for the star/ snowflake
i got santa hats at the dollar tree u can use whatever again stocking ect whatever u like ! this is just how i did mine lets get started !
Popsicle sticks ~ dollar tree
gems dollar tree
dollar tree hats you will need 9 of these if u are doing like mine ! these are in the hair stuff so cute ! i also used for my mini and a garland i will have posted in the next few days !
you will need 5 sticks to start .. paint them the color u want ur snowflake i did mine pink u can do whatever
of course let dry (;
then take 2 put in shape as a cross glue in middle
then other 2 make a x and glue on top
snowflake affect
then i added gems to each end and one in the middle who doesnt love a little bling (;
okay now time for the tree this is what we are going for
i used
for trunk part ( middle going down i used 6 sticks ) again use as many as u want
top branch 1 stick across
2nd row on top 2 sticks across
3rd row down 4 sticks across
last and bottom row i used 6 sticks across
i glued mine first ( glue as listed above )
got this .... then paint color of choice i used green
again i used hearts for the numbers if i chose to do again i would pick something else but hey already had them so used these
in scribbles i added my numbers for the countdown or calendar
clip on the hats or whatever u decide to use to the sticks working out 25 (;
here are what the clips look close up !
this is the package to look out for again in hair section at dollar tree

this is what my finished project looks like again the white behind is just to show the project better i will hang this on my wall kids look forward to taking one down daily !

last year i did little stocking u can add a treat inside or something fun !
be creative and thanks for looking
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